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What can Custom Foot Orthotics do for me? Get Relief.

Getting Custom Foot Orthotics is fast, easy, and pain free!

Is Proper Foot Alignment Important ?

Your feet are the base and support for the rest of your body and posture. Experiencing foot, ankle, knee, lower-back or shoulder pain may be caused standing on flat feet all day or having improper arch support. The human feet are better structured to walk on soft natural surfaces like sand and earth. Though, most of the time we walk on hard flat surfaces such as tile, concrete, or asphalt.  This can cause numerous problems with our feet, which in turn will cause problems elsewhere in our bodies.

Do your feet measure up?  Take this short quiz to find out.

1.  Do you have acute symptoms of conditions such as shin splints, Achilles tendinitis, plantar fascitis, stress fractures or patello-femoral disorders?   (yes/ no)

2.  Do you have local symptoms such as corns, calluses, bunions or metatarsalgia?  (yes/ no)

3.  Do your job involve standing four or more hours per day?   (yes/ no)

4.  Do you have a leg length inequality, functional or anatomical?  (yes/ no)

5.  Do you play some type of physical sport ( basketball, horseback riding, tennis, golf etc.) on a regular basis?  (yes/ no)

6.  Do you complain of ankle pain, knee (especially medial) pain, hip pain, back/neck pain on a regular basis? (yes/ no)

7.  Have you had knee surgery? (yes/ no)

8.  Do your adjustments not seem to last long?  (yes/ no)

If you have answered “Yes” to one or more of these question, you are likely to benefit from Foot Levelers.

Most drug stores have orthotics on their shelves so why should I get custom ones?


Each person is unique with particular foot problems. To correct those problems you cannot get a one-size-fits-all solution.  Orthotics support arches, reduce fatigue, and improve balance, which is a key factor in improving your daily life. Whether you’re young, middle-aged, older or an athlete, you can benefit from a foot exam to determine if your pain may be originating there.  Call today to schedule you're foot scan.


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